Words, words; it’s all about words:  your words, my words, his words and her words – their gossip; lies, deceits, misunderstandings.   Errant words – spoken in haste that careen through lives and leave wreckage in their wake.  Words, once spoken, that cannot be withdrawn, hard words – nails, driven home with a hammer.  Harsh words that grate like sandpaper on raw nerves: barking, biting; knives that stab and slice leaving deep wounds.  Words, without hope and without grace, that accuse and destroy.

 Once there were soft words, spoken with a smile, sensual words that rolled sweetly off the lips and tongue, words wrapped in warm comfort, harmonic words that stroked and soothed, exotic words that inhaled and exhaled new destinations or remembered journeys taken, erotic words – pregnant with desire and anticipation. 

 We are all wordsmiths: crafting our lives with words spoken and words that should have been spoken.  In the end, we become the words we use.

Published in Imaginary Gardens 2012

Copyright 2012

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