May 2016

The Kindle version of “Kaia Daughter of the Sea” will be on sale May 3 – May 10.

On her eighteenth birthday Kaia must make a difficult choice: whether to remain human or become something that just might save the oceans. All she remembered, all that she knew came from her life on land. She loved the ocean, but to choose it had a cost. Could she afford it? She would lose her friends, her family, and her hopes, but not her dreams. No, those dreams began with that first birthday text. Those dreams, sometimes nightmares, took her into these deep waters. Now she understood why. The cliffs around her were solid, unmoving, and dependable – like her former life. They were there yesterday and they would be there tomorrow. She gently touched the delicate fonds of the ferns and smelled the fresh earthy scents. This was the world she knew. She heard the breeze as it funneled up the cleft created by the creek. It sang a lullaby. A little water flowed and it gurgled over the rocks. She rubbed her hands over the plants and rocks and treasured them as precious jewels she might have to surrender. Sensations overwhelmed her. The sea beckoned. The land nourished. The waves tugged. The grass and trees called to her. She was torn between the land that sustained her, and the sea that demanded her. She looked at James then at the sea, the sea, then at James. She heard voices – voices that whispered, voices that demanded, voices that cajoled, that taunted, and seduced. She spun back and forth between sea and cliffs and held her hands over her ears. She screamed. She knelt in the sand and gravel. She screamed again. Tears streamed down her cheeks.

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