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H. E. Thomas and P. D. Garty met in a creative writing class. They were assigned to write a modern fairy tale and agreed to write on the same subject. P. D. Garty asked for permission to use one of H. E. Thomas’ characters from a previous assignment. When they read each other’s stories, Kaia was born. They collaborated on the story the rest of the term and then spent the summer writing the first draft. It took over four years to complete the novel. During that time they collaborated on a book of short stories, “Shadows.” Both the short stories and the  novel “Kaia Daughter of the Sea” are available on Kindle.

 H. E. Thomas grew up in Eastern Tennessee. She graduated from Karns High School and later from Pellissippi State Community College, as a science major. She dreams of becoming a marine biologist. Several of her poems have been published in issues of Imaginary Gardens. Her short stories have been published in Shadows, available from the Kindle store. She is a member of the Knoxville Writers’ Guild.

 P. D. Garty is a native of Monroe, Michigan. He graduated from Monroe High School and later from The University of Michigan. He currently resides in Eastern Tennessee. He has poems and short stories published in Imaginary Gardens, and recently won an award for best fiction from the magazine. He and H. E. Thomas collaborated on the writing of Shadows, a collection of short stories of various genres. He is a member of the Knoxville Writers’ Guild and the Tennessee Mountain Writers.

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  1. I am so looking forward to experiencing the worlds you have both created and gaining insight from what you both have to share with the world!

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